Mark Hansen’s Classic Camera Repair
This image was taken with Ricohflex Holiday.  This camera has an 8.0cm f:3.5 Riken Anastigmat, and a two leaf shutter that has only 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200, and B speeds.  The entire range of Ricohflex cameras are way undervalued in the current market, and are pretty cheep to fix.  Get one now, git it fixed and start having fun with a fine, and somewhat Quirky, vintage camera.
Camera types  I can service:

Rolleiflex: All TLRs except 3.5F1, T (why, you ask?), and Majic
Zeiss Ikon:  All Ikoflex Cameras, except the Favorit; all Ikonta, All Super Ikonta; all other Zeiss Folding cameras; Contax IIa, IIIa; All View, Field and compact 127 film cameras

Range Finder Cameras With Screw Mount Lenses:Including Leica SM, Nikon, Canon.  Sorry no M mount service.
View cameras: All shutters including Betax, Compound, Copal, Compur, Kodak, Prontor, Seikosha, and wollensak, and many more, no matter how old.
Press Cameras:
Speed Graphic, Crown Graphic
Bush Pressman, Linhoff, Plaubel
Cameras I do not work on: Rolleiflex 3.5F1, Yashica products, Ikoflex Favorit, Most SLRs, such as Nikon F, Pentax K-1000, Minolta, and Canon.  Fixed lens 35mm range finder cameras made in Japan!  Such as the Anscoset, Minolta A-5, Olympus, Ricoh-500...Also, I do not work on slide projectors.

Film Transport CLA
I can service any  transport, and I am a specialist in Rollei Film transports; regarless of age, and I have parts for virtually all. On every CLA I remove every part, clean them and lubricat them, then I put them together, adjusting as I go.
Focus CLA, and Adjustment
Along with every shutter CLA, I verify the correct focus adjustment, and coordination of taking and viewing lenses.  I can also remove the entire mechanism for a complete CLA. 
Mirror Cleaning or Replacement
As part of every shutter CLA I clean the focus glass and mirror.  Mirror replacement is offered at a $20 charge.

I need to apologize to my customers for not being in touch by email, or phone or post.  I have since June of 2023 been suffering from severe depression. I have for most of my live suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but this is much, much worse.  I sleep most days 12-16 hours and can hardly get out of bed. Today January 22, 2024, I woke at 10am and got out of bed at 12:30.  Once up, doing things that are not intensely enjoyable, just does not happen.  I want to do them, but I simply can’t bring myself to do them. This is a struggle I have been bearing alone, and as a person that fixes things for a living, I can not fix this alone.  I truly want to provide good service and communication, but for those that have suffered from depression, you will know, that good intentions, do not always lead to action.  At the current moment, I am able to finish about one camera in two weeks time, working only an hour at a time.  Because of this, I am not taking new repairs at this time.  I am sorry for the troubles this is causing, and for not communicating with my customers.  With the help of my friends, things for me are improving, and I will keep you posted on this site.  Again, my most sincere apologies.  I am sorry.

Services Provided--Explained:
CLA, is to clean lubricate and adjust.  This is the bread and butter of camera repairs.  I clean with Coleman fuel (white gas) in a high power ultrasonic cleaner.
I lubricate using high quality modern lubricants, Oil, Grease, and MoS2 dry lubricant.  I adjust the old fashioned way; bend tweak, file, punch and stake.  This service can be done to any camera system, such as: The film transport, focus, shutter, or even the film back latch.  To do this I completely dissasemble the camera system in question,  This may take longer, but it insures that every moving part is clean and lubricated, ready for the next 50 years of use.

Mirror Replacement, The old mirror is replaced with a brand new mirror, which is of the same thickness and fits like new.  This will greatly improve brightness of the focus screen. 

Bright Screens,  I remove your old focus glass and install a new Fresnel type bright screen, which you provide.  This will improve the edge brightness but will also reduce the sharpness of the screen.  See my blog post abou this.

Not a CLA--A Rebuild, It bears mention that some cameras are in such a state of neglect, that they require a complete dissasembly, cleaning, and lubricating, along with replacing any worn parts.  you may CLA a particualar system, but this is really what would be called a rebuild.  Camera sent in this condition, and requiring a complete rebuild will be warranted based on condition.  Personally I call cameras that need this much work parts, but you the customer, make the final call and what you would like done.
Here is What Several Customers are Saying: 

From the Rolleiusers Group on Yahoo:
A couple of months ago I queried the group regarding a resource for a long long overdue CLA for my Rolleicord III which I bought very used about 25 years ago and which was getting stiff to adjust and whose viewfinder was getting too dark to see through. I sifted through the suggestions and chose Mark Hansen's Classic Camera Repair. He gave me an honest estimate, and honest TIME estimate (6-8 weeks) and I sent him the camera. It came back at the price range he quoted, in 7 weeks, and it is clean and once again USABLE. The viewfinder is bright, the shutter speeds adjust smoothly as does the f-stop. He provided a four page report on what was done and the test results for the shutter speeds. I am very satisfied and would recommend him. His website is The camera is now loaded with HP5 and I have a roll of Ektar 100 and Fomapan 100 in reserve for the long weekend.

IB of Colorado says: 
"Mark has done some excellent work for me!  One of my cameras, the Kodak Retina IIIc, was in such poor shape, and seemed so much beyond repair that I hesitated to attempt any repairs on it.  I contemplated turning it into a non-functioning conversation piece for the mantelpiece, or junking it altogether.  Nevertheless, I sent it to Mark for his opinion, and he said he could restore it to working condition for a fee which I thought was reasonable.  I agreed to have him do it, and yesterday the restored camera arrived.  I was simply astounded at the way the camera now functions!  There is not even a remote resemblance to the totally non-functional junker I sent him just a couple of weeks ago!  The film advance is now better than on a new Retina IIIc (should there be one in existence), the shutter speeds are superbly accurate (well within the manufacturer's recommended tolerances), and after Mark's collimating and adjusting the infinity focus and the rangefinder, the Xenon lens, which is now sparklingly clean, resolves at the 120 line pairs per mm range!   I will probably not sell this camera for a while, and use it for a few years.  I am confident that it will function properly way past the time when I will need to sell it, or pass it on to one of my heirs.  Mark's workmanship is simply the best, and I won't hesitate to recommend him to anyone!' "

Mark Says:
This camera had been worked on by an amateur.  This so-called repair person had slathered grease right on over dirt, and old dried grease--They skipped the C, did the L, and did not know how to do the A.  I just don't know how these people call themselves professionals. 

Here is What D.R. is saying about my services:
"Mark's the rarest of camera technicians; he totally respects his customers, never looks down upon their ignorance of what really happens inside those magical boxes, is never high and mighty. He's totally enthusiastic about the cameras he works on (a wide range, from inexpensive Ricohflexes to the most expensive Rolleiflexes), has a lot of inside and down-to-earth knowledge about the various strengths and weaknesses of each model, and has always been willing to share his opinions. When I sent a camera to him that I tried to repair myself but flubbed, he didn't snicker or say "you should have left it to the experts", he actually explained what I did wrong (and made it right). At the same time, he helped me through a fairly complex repair of my beloved Flexaret VII through some extensive email instructions.That made him no money but helped me restore a personal treasure--he did totally gain my admiration, respect and appreciation. I'd trust Mark with any camera repair within his repertoire, but most of all I'd trust him to be fair, up front, thorough and thoroughly decent."

Mark Says:
I have had many customers that have attemped to do there own repairs and got into the repair, and were then overwelmed.  I have no problem helping people with these repair problems, and will happily take a look at the camera, if needed.

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